styczeń 19th, 2009

I have a little stressful period now. As you all probably know it’s a session time . I have to get credits in all subjects and it requires sacrifices… Million English words which are almost impossible to learn and which I have to pick up, essays, Latin grammar, conversation and listening which I find the hardest to pass. For now I got credit in few of them so I’m optimistic about that session.

I was obliged to choose one of the specialization. There were options : translator, business English, editorship, journalist and teacher. I chose business English, do you think it was good idea? I’ll face with microeconomic and business language…

grudzień 23rd, 2008

We had first tests in Latin. Comparing  it to English I must say that the second is much more easier. Declension in Latin is just horrible,  like  in Polish but it’s not a big problem for me;) , and you have to learn and practise a lot to pick it up. What’s new at my school…?
Oh, I have already known how to borrow books from the  library! It’s not that easy as at High School because we were instructed by librarian on a special meeting how to do this.
Tomorrow there’ll be the first English test in vocabulary, keep you fingers crossed!
I’ll tell you how it was :)

listopad 13th, 2008

More and more learning but sill not exhausting.  During  vocabulary lesson  I’ve known such words which meaning I’m not sure in Polish. For example upper means ‘ przyszwa’, it’s a part of a shoe if you didn’t hear about it as me…
During conversation we consider very interesting topics for example: Is love by first sight possible? What do you think about death, are you scared of it? Would you adopt a child? We discuss on those subjects and they’re so controversial that it makes me to express my opinion too.
During  writing we learn how to write letters, yes that’s easy, but it’s good to know how to do it perfectly :-)

Hi there,

październik 28th, 2008

I decided to recommend you some books to practice English which we use during classes. First realy good coursebook is “Tests in English, thematic vocabulary” written by Mariusz Misztal. There are exercises which improve vocabulary but they are made in special way due to remember where a word fit in. For example: She …….. her overcoat, took it off and laid it over a chair. Which is correct?
d) unwrapped
Of course it’s one of the easiest example there are other harder sentences.
Practising grammar we use “Advanced English Practise” written by M.Vince. That book is also good but in my opinion the best thing to learn grammar is Janusz Siuda’s book  “Gramatyka angielska w teorii i cwiczeniach”
Somebody asked me, in comment, what level of proficiency in my group is. Unfortunately I must say that there are people who are hopeless…but there are also students who are very advanced. So it’s a mess for now but I’m sure the worse will catch up the better.

It’s me and my “memories” again.

październik 21st, 2008

It’s me and my “memories” again.
That week was more interesting than previous. We  have already started serious lessons, I mean not organizational meetings any more. I must say that the best subject is conversation. We practise English by talking and that’s the best way to break  a shame, because we all know it’s really hard to speak   English fluently. The worst thing in learning this leanguage, as far as I know, is writing. It’s imposible to be an ideal writer! Since I’ve begun to write something in English there was always something wrong with my compositions…and still it is… On the other hand one of the lecturers said that the hardest part of English is grammar, we’ll see if I am so confident during  exams, because for now it’s a piece of cake ;)

Hey Hi Hello!

październik 12th, 2008

The second week is finished. I had many troubles during getting to the school… Living in this city is not that easy as I thought so… Traffic jams are terrible. I spend even 15 minutes in bus due to cover a distance of 3km.
I have already known what  “impostacja glosu” is. The man, who  teaches us, said that we will get to know how to present ourselves, how to speak as for everybody would listen to us with interest and how to breathe properly. I think that’s very useful subject nowadays when it’s really important to be self-concious, good-looking etc.
We have started to practice grammar. As far we have  revised tenses, so still easy.

I wait for your comments and opinions!!

The first day…

październik 3rd, 2008

Finally, I have begun to study. For now it’s nice and easy. We just go in for lectures and listen … Unfortunately I found out, which is is obvious for students, that I can be absent for 2 days per semester. That’s just tragedy!
No more playing truant and lazy days!
I have such classes as conversation, grammar, reading, writing, listening and “impostacja głosu”, I have no idea what it is about and how to translate it so forgive me this Polish entry. Beside those lessons I will learn computer science, sociology, philosophy, Latin and Spanish. At the beginning I was afraid of lecturers but it turned out that the’re very nice and extrovert persons so that I hope exams will be also nice…  So far I’m not afraid of studying any more. I hope that my attitude towards learning English will not change.

More details soon!

What next????

wrzesień 24th, 2008

Finally! I passed the school living exam and graduated from secondary school. But… what next?

What should I study? Should I follow my interests or choose a specialization which would give me an opportunity to make money…?

Anyway at heart I wanted to study English, that’s a subject which I really like, so I decided to pick it up better. I can”t wait for the semester to begin!

But to be honest… I’m also a little scared about not understanding a word during lectures, but I hope I become used to speak, think and listen in English. That’s my point, to be a great English speaker or maybe even conference interpreter.

We’ll see how it’s gonna be! Read my “memories” and maybe they will encourage you to study that beautiful language.

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