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This is a story about...
Napisal(a): Gorgo

How could I be so stupid!! I shouldn't have agreed on that. Never in my life!!!

Napisal(a): sylwunia_b3

It was one day ago. I was to do one thing. I did remembered about it! But unfortunatly something did wrong... When I woke up I felt that something was in air. But then I didin't know what...

Napisal(a): sylwunia_b3

And when I was going to the office, I met 'my friend'. I thought it wasn't good for me... And after few words I heard her offer. I shouldn't have agreed with her, but I am so insecure person that I did it. What a gormless decision! And I...

Napisal(a): flo

invited her to my house. I thought it would be better to discuss it in a quiet place. We had a tea. After some minutes I was packed and ready to go. So we left.

Napisal(a): Cr453r

We went to the airport. We flew to Los Angeles. There we...

Napisal(a): Gorgo

decided what to do with the money. It was too early to spend this sum. But on the other hand it was too late to give it back. We had to think it over.

Napisal(a): ani.a

We went to the nearest hotel (not too expensive) and rented a room. While we were sitting on the floor and counting the money for I don't know which time, there was a knock at the door. We went silent but something inside my mind told me that I should open the door. And so I did. I stood up and, not without hesitation, turned the knob. I couldn't believe in what I saw...

Napisal(a): hn44

somebody wrote on the wall''search black envelopes''and then ran away downstairs

To be continued...

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