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Students get bored very easily. They are bored with grammar, learning vocabulary, reading comprehension and even with books. They become annoying and troublesome. At the same time you try to give them more exercises to keep them busy. But you are surprised, when they stop doing anything, even learning.

It is not a good idea to give up. There are many good ways to arouse their interests once again.

A nice change from them is to watch films. Everybody love watching films!! But during the lesson it shouldn't be purely for pleasure. They can benefit something from it. And if you, a teacher, do it wisely the lesson won't be wasted.

Do you remember „Keeping up appearances” , a comedy about Hyacinth Bucket who continually tries to climb up the social ladder? I am sure you do. What is more, you like it very much. If you like it, so will your students. This comedy is divided into many episodes, each lasting about 25 minutes. You can choose one, watch it during the lesson and than you will even have time to talk about it till the end of the lesson. The language used in this comedy is not very difficult, except the part when Onslow speaks (he uses rather difficult to understand slang). A student will understand the plot and later they can tell you the episode in their own words. Additionally, you can ask them some questions. A guarantee for good fun.

If you want your lesson to be more ambitious, introduce „Billy Eliot” or „Breavheart”. Both films are nice to watch but the language can be difficult. The first one presents a Scottish accent whereas the second, the Welsh one. You don’t have to watch it all. You can choose some interesting parts, lasting about 20 minutes or so, and then prepare a task connected with translating some parts into English. Or maybe you will come up with your own ideas....

More time is needed to familiarize students with English culture and history. Movies can be used here as well. I suggest „ The Queen”, „Elizabeth”, „Henry VIII”, and „Bloody Sunday”. I am sure not all students will be interested but maybe some of them will take advantage.

What else can I suggest to you? How about watching for pleasure and familiarizing with literature?? For me, quite a nice idea. There are some well – filmed books by Jane Austen: „Pride and Prejudice”, „Sense and Sensibility”, „Emma”.

I am sure there are more, very interesting things to watch. Maybe you have your own ideas what to watch, how to organize this kind of lesson and how to interest students? Don't you think it would be a good idea to give your ideas to other teacher? I encourage you to do that.

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